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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to be home for my Sproosting?

    You can be home, but you don’t need to be. Simply leave us instructions on how to access your place if you have plans during that time. If you live in a doorman building, you can leave your keys with the doorman for us.

    Can I leave my pets at home?

    Most of the time, it's totally cool to leave your pets at home during your Sproosting. However, you know your pet best. If they tend to get agitated around new people, we recommend you make arrangements to have your pet looked after during that time. Finally, the safety of our Sproosters comes first. So, in the event your pet shows any signs of aggression, we reserve the right to cancel or leave without a refund.

    Do I need to provide any cleaning tools or supplies?

    We provide most of the cleaning supplies, including a dry and wet mop. However, we’ll need you to provide a vacuum if you have carpeted areas in your home, as well as a stepping stool for hard to reach areas, a broom, trash bags, and a toilet brush. Also, if you have any specialty products that you’d like us to use, please be sure to leave those out for us as well!

    Can I leave cash tips or gifts for my cleaner?

    Hey, thanks! Our Sproosters work hard and cash tips are always welcome. However, please be sure to leave a note along with it letting us know it’s a tip and including your name and signature. Our Sproosters will NEVER consider money left alone on a counter as a sign to take it. Same rule applies to any gifts. This policy is in place to protect your property and to avoid any misunderstanding or even the slightest chance of theft.

    Can I cancel my cleaning?

    Yes, we get it - life can be unpredictable. That’s why you can cancel or reschedule anytime. However, out of courtesy to our hardworking Sproosters, any cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled booking will incur a $50 fee.